Who We Are

Reliazon is an IT strategy, consulting, staffing, and development firm.

Our services include IT strategy, staffing, consulting, web design, software development, mobile application development, digital solutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, ecommerce solutions, B2B applications, cloud and data analytics.

At Reliazon, we pride ourselves providing reliable, high-quality resources and IT services at affordable rates to accelerate your business.

Why Reliazon?

The primary goal of Reliazon is to develop and promote advanced information technologies to every industry vertical and make every client successful


We bring expertise in diverse technologies and serving clients across all segments regardless of size and scale.


We have unique approach to process workflow and it reflects in every piece of work we undertake.


Transparency is one of the pillars Reliazon stands for. It is the way we work. We don’t enforce transparency. It is in our corporate DNA.


We are dedicated to your work, your business and everything in between. Dedication means you sail through a smooth process from idea to delivery.


IT industry moves at a faster pace than any other industry. Those constant streams of updates may break your product. We got your back.


Clients’ satisfaction is the most important thing to us. We do not compromise quality for quantity and budget.

The three pillars of Reliazon

Our goal is to make our clients successful by focusing on seamless collaboration, creativity and excellence.

Seamless Collaboration

When we are building the product of your dreams, you should be a part of it and watch it progress in real-time.

Work Excellence

The motivation to go the extra mile, the aspiration to be better than we were before and the instinct to success – all comes down to one thing: work excellence.

Ingenious Creativity

The determination to always thinking out of the box, even when it seems impossible, is how we make the world a better place.

Let’s Talk

Reliazon is your trusted IT services partner to address any of technology staffing or services needs to enable your business.